Click here to visit Optima Agriculture Website Optima Agriculture, a division of Lime Industries offer a wide range of agricultural lime products which are the best and most cost effective for use in a cropping/pasture program.
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Western Australian
Owned and Operated
The soil is an extremely dynamic environment consisting of numerous chemical, biological and physical reactions. It is on all three levels that we must manage the soil.

We can change the physical structure of a soil by properly managing the chemistry, thus providing a stronger biological environment. It is this biology that is so important to the success of managing any crop.
Optima Agriculture is a Western Australian company which manufactures and provides both biological soil and plant products and specific inorganic fertilisers augmented by a complete biological consultation process.

The consultation process assists growers to optimise the use and application of products with the necessary cultural practices to optimise plant production.

Optima Agriculture assists the producer to develop and maintain optimum soil fertility which is an essential prerequisite to plant and animal health.