The Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China and the Roman Coliseum were built with straight lime mortars and stand today as a moot testament to the enduring qualities of lime.
When Lime Putty is used for plaster setting, its function in the coating is to make the plaster workable and therefore allow the tradesmen time to control larger areas of work than without the addition of lime putty.
Lime Putty also benefits cement mortars. Composition mortars made of Lime Putty, Cement and Sand offer some desirable characteristics that cannot be achieved with straight cement and sand mortars.
Lime Industries is the only Quality Accredited company producing Lime Putty in Australia and takes pride in the fact that its products have been used by the building industry, for over 24 years.
The company now offers three grades of Lime Putty that although, similar are in fact quite different. This guide is intended to help explain their differences.
Benefits are obtained when using both lime putty or dry powdered lime.
Maximum workability
High water retention
Enduring bond strength
Balanced compressive strength
Negligible volume change
Restrains efflorescence
Autogenous Healing
Resilience permanent weather resistance
Measurable Economy.
The following are the advantages of using lime putty over dry powdered lime
Weather proof plastic bags
No dust
Product is 100% hydrated to ensure pitting and popping cannot occur
No lumping as sometimes occurs in powdered lime
Lime putty in bags offers less wastage
Greater accuracy in gauging using lime putty bags
Greater Economies
No Air Entraining Agents
Assured weight for gauging purposes.