As a product derived from the Earth, it is fitting that many of lime's uses also benefit the Earth. Indeed, the second leading use of lime is for environmental applications, involving air, drinking water, wastewater, and solid wastes.
Industrial, utility and mining operations rely on lime to comply with a host of environmental regulations.

Lime is used to treat industrial and mining wastewater, in which it adjusts the pH of acidic waste, removes phosphorus and nitrogen, and promotes clarification.

A growing use of lime is in the treatment of stack gases from industrial facilities, power plants, medical waste incinerators and hazardous waste incinerators.

Lime absorbs and neutralizes sulfur oxides from these gases, helping to prevent acid rain, and also reduces emissions of hazardous air pollutants, including mercury.
Lime is especially vital to municipalities in meeting their environmental and public health responsibilities at a reasonable cost.

First, lime is widely used for potable water softening and to remove impurities (such as lead) from drinking water. Second, it is a highly cost-effective method to treat sewage sludge.

As Australia's pollution control regulations become increasingly stringent, these applications of lime are sure to become even more important to our efforts to maintain a clean environment.
Lime Putty does not require processing before application, it is is ready-to-use and allows users to dose lime at any point in the system , monitor, and control it
Lime Putty is a thixotropic material, and although its appearance is that of soft ice-cream, it can easily be pumped like water, this gives all the advantages of a caustic soda system at lime prices.
The product is readily dispersible in water and when used in conjunction with a Lime Industries patented storage / dosing system, maintenance and capital outlay are minimized maintenance expenses, manpower, and processing time are significantly reduced--saving the user money by lowering overall costs.
Lime putty storage / dosage systems are simple and reliable--no more problems with bridged silos, unreliable slakers, plugged feed lines, or fugitive dust.
This wet system eliminates any dust so there can be no occupational and health issues.
The versatility of a lime putty system allows dosing to any part of the plant, anytime, easily, even when the system is up and operational.
pH adjustment and control
acid neutralization
metals precipitation
lime softening
odor control
sludge stabilization