Lime Industries’ lime putty is used for plastering in thousands of homes and buildings every year. Providing the ultimate in workability for plaster white setting, lime putty delivers high water retention and bond strength when used in mortars. Our unique manufacturing process has delivered consistent faultless products for over 40 years.


TuffCoat was developed in 2019 to accommodate recent changes to paint structures and how paint adheres to plaster. Tuffcoat is the result of many years of accumulated testing and research across a 40-year relationship with the Western Australian plastering and building industries. Our Tuffcoat product is enhanced with polymers that help bind the coating together, which in turn produces a harder, more durable and superior adhesion when painted.

In the first year, we saw 4,000 residential homes built in WA using Tuffcoat alone.

The benefits of TuffCoat are:

1.Harder Finish, Same Workability 

Lime Putty applications are preferred as more workable solutions than dry based plaster products. Tuffcoat gives the same excellent level of workability associated with Lime products. This makes it easier to use allowing for greater productivity. Tuffcoat combines workability with an enhanced harder finish. 

2.Same Excellent Appearance, More Durable Product 

The final appearance of TuffCoat is the same as traditional whiteset – only the product is more durable.

3.Improved Consistent Strength 

Tuffcoat produces a more consistent strength throughout the entire application process. This makes it stronger, more durable and makes pre-painting patching easier.

4.Superior Paint Adhesion 

TuffCoat contains cross linking resins which assist with the adhesion of subsequent paint applications.

5.Easy To Use 

Tuffcoat is designed so that the correct amount of hardwall plaster must be added to the gauge. Too little hardwall and the product will be too thin to spread. This means you can be confident in the strength of your application. 

6.Ultimate Traceability 

TuffCoat has inbuilt chemical identifiers that address issues associated with product dilution and misrepresentation. Measuring these indicators shows the accuracy of how the product has been mixed which means reason and liability for product failure can immediately be identified.


Do you want to find out more about Tuffcoat or to start using it in your business? Builders please contact us to find out more about how you can trial the benefits of Tuffcoat.

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